SDI’s fireground accountability software uses fireground handie-talkie radio traffic integrated with department personnel data to rapidly process and display critical personnel accountability information for use by incident commanders.

Derived from SDI’s innovative software built for the FDNY’s Electronic Fireground Accountability System (EFAS), our software enables rapid handling of emergency alerts and streamlined incident rollcalls via handie-talkie portable radio keying. It provides easy-to-use software that bolsters safety activities and reduces the time required to account for personnel status on the fireground.

For the Motorola Solutions line of APXTM radios, we built the APXTM Personnel Accountability Application (APAA) to take advantage of the advanced features in APXTM radios. The APAA software transforms fireground accountability, working seamlessly with APXTM radios over the same voice communications network that a department uses at an incident scene (single channel, fireground conventional).

  • Capture, display, and store Emergency Alert/Mayday messages
  • Significantly reduce the time required to perform rollcalls, evacuations, and personnel accountability checks via PTT
  • Provide specific firefighter identification for rollcall, evacuation, and emergency alerting via existing Department rosters
  • Works with Motorola APX™ and XTS* radios in single channel, fireground conventional mode
  • Customize to interface to dispatch data for incident filtering
  • Provides easy-to-read incident log files to record PTT data and accountability events (e.g., alerts, PARs/rollcalls) to assist post-incident record-keeping and incident reviews
  • Easy-to-use and deploy at incidents; fits well with and augments Department operating procedures
  • Minimal PC requirements: operates on Windows XP or Windows 7 PCs with at least 512 MB RAM and 1 GHz processor
APX Personnel Accountability Application Video

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