SDI provides technical writing support for government and commercial clients. Technical writing involves taking specific, oftentimes complex, vocabulary and topics, and communicating that information in a way that is easy for all to understand. Technical writing is an inherent and crucial part of any project, and SDI is proud to offer that service to its clients.

SDI creates, formats, edits, and delivers all types of documents, including:

  • System Specifications
  • Requirements Documents
  • Interface Control Documents
  • User Manuals and System Administration Guides
  • Test Plans and Procedures
  • Reports and Proposals
  • Security Documentation
  • System and Software Baseline Configuration Data
  • Launch Processing Documents
  • White Papers

SDI personnel meet directly with project personnel to determine specific project documentation requirements and to effectively develop the required documentation set. They also utilize graphic design to create supporting graphics used to convey technical clarification. Finished products are delivered in a wide variety of hard and soft copy formats.

SDI’s technical writing support does not stop at documentation. SDI personnel are also well-versed in risk management, configuration management, and supporting clients with note-taking, database maintenance, and formatting. SDI’s technical writers are versatile team members, capable of tackling many tasks in addition to documentation.