SDI’s personnel accountability solutions tap into radio-based features integrated with Department unit and personnel data (e.g., ride list assignment, firefighter name) to rapidly process and display critical personnel accountability information for on-scene use by incident command personnel.

We built the APX™ Personnel Accountability Application (APAA) to leverage advanced accountability features in Motorola’s robust APX™ and XTS fireground radios. We built EasyStaff to enable Departments to modernize how they capture “who is working”. APAA is derived from SDI’s innovative software that we built for the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) Electronic Fireground Accountability System (EFAS). EasyStaff is derived from the EBF-4 Ride List Application that we built for FDNY.

Our patented approach provides a superior, modern solution for accountability activities through an easy-to-use system that significantly reduces the time required to process emergency alerts, to perform PAR checks/rollcalls, and to perform evacuation activities.

The APAA software transforms fireground accountability. APAA is typically deployed in command vehicle PCs. For use outside of vehicles, it can be deployed via ruggedized transportable cases or tablet PCs with connection to a subscriber radio RF modem. Our software works with the largest urban Department in the United States, as well as with smaller rural and suburban Departments. We can also create custom solutions to meet your needs.

SDI’s accountability solutions meet the demands of modern firefighting. When you decide it’s time to move your Department from a manual accountability process to a fully-functional electronic accountability system, contact us for an online, remote demonstration. You can also fill out our accountability questionnaire. Contact us today to learn about how to modernize your accountability system to ensure firefighter safety at incidents.