SDI is experienced with providing fireground accountability and safety solutions via software applications that provide high-value information and that stand up to real-world firefighter use. SDI has a wide range of talented personnel able to research and investigate problem areas, develop realistic solutions, and design, test, and field high-value applications. Our previous custom developments (e.g., FDNY’s EBF-4, Handie-Talkie, APAA software for EFAS) stand the test of time and use.

Our custom solutions are purpose-built for specific Department operations, and we typically deliver source code, designs, and the final application to the Department. This prevents “vendor lock-in” and enables Departments to maintain and upgrade applications.

SDI uses modern software engineering techniques and technologies to ensure compatibility with existing Department IT structures and we work diligently to devise suitable interfaces, where applicable, to enable smart data exchange.

Please contact us with your Department needs. SDI can help, whether your Department needs to automate and digitize manual processes, or wants to enhance fireground safety, accountability, and efficiency. All our software is developed in Virginia by SDI employees.