SDI’s EasyStaff® software allows Fire Department Chiefs and Officers to quickly and easily fill out tour rosters, ensuring accurate firefighter staffing data to support safety and accountability efforts.

EasyStaff® software provides an easy-to-use interface refined for real-world usability. EasyStaff® software features are honed from lessons learned building accountability applications for the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). These applications support one of the largest fire departments in the world with high-value user capabilities.

Derived from SDI’s innovative software for the FDNY’s Electronic Battalion Form 4 (EBF-4) ride list application, EasyStaff® software enables rapid and accurate roster preparation and streamlined reporting. EasyStaff® software links personnel, position, and assignment identification information by tour to support fireground safety and accountability. Features include spare radio management to ensure identification accuracy when spare radios are used in the field.

EasyStaff® is available online, hosted as a cloud-based application running on secure Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to ensure top availability, reliability, and security. Minimal Department IT resources are required—only a modern browser is needed to access EasyStaff® software. Collected data can be downloaded directly to the fireground to support identification for rollcalls and emergency alerting.

  • Prepare and submit rosters rapidly and easily from a web browser on any network-connected computer
  • Store and update radio identification data, including provisions for spares and spare radio loaning
  • View roster staffing reports at multiple organizational levels (e.g., Unit, Battalion) for streamlined accountability and compliance reporting
  • Ensure accurate data for safety and accountability by focusing on firefighters and not administrative functions (such as timecards and payroll)
  • Link position assignment and personnel name to hand-held radios, by tour
  • Save time and eliminate clunky paper-based forms
  • Integrate into a comprehensive fireground solution by sending tour roster data automatically to SDI’s APX™ Personnel Accountability Application (APAA) fireground accountability software (available separately)