SDI began operations in 2002, starting with a small group of personnel supporting advanced computing and communications projects for the Department of Defense (DoD).

Today, SDI supports a variety of DoD, First Responder, and commercial clients with focused software development, system planning, technical documentation, and innovative software applications.

SDI works alongside DoD clients to develop a wide range of system and software capabilities for many large-scale space and maritime projects. SDI also develops high-utility software applications for the First Responder community, providing innovative solutions that address unique accountability and safety objectives.

SDI achieved a significant milestone with the operational deployment of the Electronic BF-4 web application to New York City’s FDNY. This application is deployed city-wide and is used by FDNY Chiefs and Officers for each of the two defined tours (9X and 6X) to schedule personnel and provide reporting of personnel assigned to each tour. This capability replaces paper-based forms and provides easy-to-use functions accessible on the FDNY intranet.