Discover Personnel Accountability for the Digital Age

See how Commanders in fire departments like South Holland, Illinois, can now automatically receive accountability information and issue mission critical orders at the fireground as soon as a firefighter turns on their Motorola Solutions APX radio. For more information on…

SDI Helps Power Fireground Accountability

For the Motorola Solutions line of APX™ radios, SDI built the APX™ Personnel Accountability Application (APAA) to take advantage of the advanced features in APX™ radios. We are proud that our APAA application powers Motorola Solutions's radio-based accountability solution. For more…

APX™ Personnel Accountability Application

This video, published by Motorola on April 5, 2016, explains how the APX™ Personnel Accountability Application (APAA) allows commanders to quickly account for first responders, conduct personnel accountability rollcalls, and issue evacuation commands.

Rollcall Video

This short video shows how APAA allows Incident Commanders to perform rollcalls at incidents.

Alerts Video

This video demonstration shows how Incident Commanders can track and resolve emergency alerts on the APAA user interface during incidents.